Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tennis is about . . .

Tennis is about:

1. hitting the ball freely, and out in front of you.
2. focusing on hitting the next shot
3. mental exercises between points such as doing deep breathing, etc.
4. answering emergencies
5. solving problems
6. believing in yourself
7. projecting confidence
8. playing the script, acting the part
9. a forward-movement game
10. cutting off angles consistently
11. stepping into each shot
12. hitting shots aggressively
13. going for your shots
14. dictating the point
15. intensity and intentionality in each shot
16. power coming from the ground up like the martial arts
17. a lower-body game
18. a game played with your feet and legs
19. a game where the quality of your expectations of yourself dictate the quality of your results
20. a game of crisp footwork preparation and recovery
21. geometry = moving forward constantly and cutting off angles
22. full commitment to hit all-out on your shots
23. a game of a quiet head and soft hands
24. is a game which is always played loose and relaxed
25. light, quick and explosive feet
26. taking the racquet back early, hitting through the shot and a full finish
27. keeping your eye on the ball 100%
28. Hitting with intelligent intention but playing mentally calm and also alert
29. Going for targets on the court
30. Pinpoint focus on the present
31. Embracing the moment with gratitude
32. a split step before every shot
33. every shot balanced and controlled until full finish
34. shot-depth: hitting all your shots deep into the opponent’s court
35. Core-rotation into all your shots

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