Monday, May 25, 2020

Self-Belief and Tennis: 10 Ways to Build Your Self-Belief (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

*From ("The Power of Believing in Yourself")

Self-Belief is about believing in your own abilities, skills and passion. And it leads to self-confidence. 

It's essential for taking massive action to reach your goals. 

And to learn from past mistakes and grow. 

Ten (10) Ways to Build Self-Belief: 
1. Realize It All Starts with You - Try "Priming" (Starting off the day with positive, re-enforcing routines)
2. Re-Examine Your Limiting Beliefs
3. Learn to Respect Yourself - and maintain a positive self-image of yourself
4. Use the Law of Attraction  - to get closer to inspiring people
5. Get Inspired - by others, quotes, stories, books, videos, documentaries

6. Remember Your Past Successes
7. Face Your Fears
8. Create Goals which are A. Attainable and B. Aspirational: and Take Action
9. Learn or Discover a New Skill or Ability

10. Keep Going - There is no finish line for learning and growth.  

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Relaxation and Tennis: 6 Techniques to Improve Relaxation (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

*From ("Relaxation Techniques for Your Life"

Relaxation is an art and science. 

And it's vital for success, stress management and happy living.

Relaxation is a learned activity through practice and techniques. 

Six (6) Techniques to Improve Relaxation
1. Quick Cool Down Through Breathing: Two types.
A. Slow, Deep Diaphragm Breathing. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.
B. Mouth-to-Nose Breathing. Inhale by breathing in through the mouth, cool your tongue, then exhale through the nose. 

2. Stand Tall - Good Posture
3. Watch Your Caffeine - Limit Your Intake
4. Consider Accupressure - Proven way to instantly relax
5. Take a Song and Humor Break - Listen to music and humor, smile and laugh

6. Fine-Tune Your Mind Set - Re-set by re-committing to your values and lifestyle 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Energy and Tennis: 8 Simple Ways to Increase Energy (and 6 Foods That Help Too) (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

*From ("How to Increase Energy Holistically"

Energy is "holistic": a combination and balance of MENTAL clarity, EMOTIONAL calmness and PHYSICAL alertness.

Eight (8) Simple Ways to Increase Energy
1. Establish a regular and dependable routine
2. Embrace a healthy, organic diet
3. Supplement your diet with vitamins and supplements
4. Get sufficient exercise
5. Prime yourself for success mentally (mindfulness, empowering self-talk)
6. Learn to control your feelings
7. Embrace the idea that Life is happening TO YOU and NOT FOR YOU. (learn from what is happening)
8. Transform your self-talk and self-image from cynical or negative to empowering and positive

Six (6) Foods that Help Provide Energy
1. Broccoli
2. Salmon
3. Lentils
4. Bananas
5. Sweet potatoes
6. Eggs 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Documentary Review: In Search of Greatness - Secrets of Genius, by Director-Writer Gabe Polsky (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

DVD/Streaming (1 hour 19 Minutes)
Director-Writer Gabe Polsky
(Amazon Prime

This riveting sports documentary explores the question of: what makes for greatness in champions? What are the secrets of athletic genius? Do they include: hard work, motivation, adversity, coaching, practice, passion, luck, genetics, family environment and drive?

And what roles do "nature"and "nurture" play? And what about talent and creativity 
versus training and learning? 

What do sports icons such as Pele, Gretzky, Jordan, Federer, Ali, Marciano, Brady, Jerry Rice, Serena 
and Venus Williams and others in their league have in common? What sets apart the Great Ones from the rest of us mere mortals? 

Director Polsky seeks to find out by extensively interviewing some of the greats (Pele, Gretsky, Jerry Rice 
and others such as noted Sports Writer David Epstein and acclaimed Educationist Sir Ken Robinson). He reviews clips and commentary from many other sports legends ranging from Michael Jordan to Red Auerbach to John McEnroe, and even cultural icons outside of sports, including the Beatles and David Bowie. 

From this cinematic journey, we glean a few of the takeaways about Greatness:
  • The Great Ones have gained a body of mastery over their craft but don't accept their limitations or that of their craft. 
  • They possess exquisite body awareness and precision movement.
  • They show a higher level of speed than their peers - a web of sheer invisible anticipation
  • They develop their own style and flair in defiance of paradigms.
  • They constantly utilize visualization techniques, but raise it to the level of Vision (a heightened image of themselves performing their craft at a supreme level).
  • They are always on a process of unbounded personal discovery about the sport, the ball, the body and everything related to their craft.
  • They strive for excellence  - not for results or money, but for self-satisfaction and fun.
  • They use some of their time to engage in "unstructured" practice and play to continuously expand and grow.
  • They show no fear, and demonstrate a supreme desire to exhibit excellence - elevated to almost a happy showmanship.
  • They see themselves ultimately as a Master Artist striving for perfection.
Insightful and inspiring, this documentary offers perceptive lessons not only for the sports world, but also for business and industry, and the arts and culture. Indeed, teachers in all fields will benefit as well as the wider public community. 

Courtesy: Movieclips Indie