Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tennis Quote of the Day: Rising Above Obstacles

"When you look at it, tennis is simply a matter of hitting the ball back and forth over the net. But it only really becomes a passion when you think about all the difficulties you've encountered, all the mental effort, and how step-by-step, you've risen above these obstacles."

--- Toni Nadal, Uncle and Coach of Rafael Nadal, quoted in Tennis View Magazine (Spring 2015), Page 50

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tennis Quote of the Day: Game Changers

"Tennis is a lonely sport, probably the most lonely. You're out there with no team, no coach and no place to hide. That's why tennis players not only talk to themselves but answer. And yet all that loneliness eventually teaches you to stand alone. The high standards that tennis imposes on us, the self-reliance it demands of us, that's the reason why tennis has produced so many of life's great game changers."

--- Andre Agassi 

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