Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Tennis Video of the Day: 5 Biggest Tennis Mistakes & How to Fix Them (By The Tennis Mentor - Coach Ashley Neaves) *For Players at All Levels

       Courtesy: The Tennis Mentor (Coach Ashley Neaves)

1. Late Preparation - Anticipate better with improved ball reading, beat the bounce. 
2. No recovery after ball hitting - Explode into recovery before the opponent hits the ball, again beat the bounce. 
3. Overuse of the the arm in ground strokes - Keep the non-dominant arm on the racket longer.
4. Standing too close to the service return position - Start back, step up, split just before the opponent hits the ball, then move to return position.  
5. Not training sufficiently on the second serve - More second serve practice with spin and net clearance. 
6. (Bonus): Hitting the ball too flat too often, resulting in too many errors - Think intentionally about hitting "up on the ball" to create "shape" on the ball trajectory and then execute.