Sunday, April 16, 2023

Tennis Quote of the Day: Your Deadliest Opponent

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Friday, April 14, 2023

Tennis Video of the Day: Novak Djokovic vs Lorenzo Musetti at Court-Level Angle | Monte Carlo 2023

Observations Made and Lessons Learned
1. On vivid display are the players' physical intensity, crisp footwork, heavy ball spin, and high net clearance. 
2. The extraordinary speed, quickness and fitness exhibited at this level of play. 
3. As for ball spin and net clearance, observe that 90% of the time the players are hitting "up" on the ball (and intentionally thinking about hitting up on the ball) to get that heavy ball spin and high net clearance. 
4. The players are only infrequently hitting through the ball with a flatter shot, and then only when they are inside the baseline to put the point the away. 
5. Notice also how quick the players' grip changes are, namely forehand vs. backhand; and how strong their semi-western grip is on their forehand.