Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tennis Documentary: "Roger Federer: Everywhere is Home" (ESPN)

“The reach of his fame, the reserves of his energy, the connection he has with fans -- all were unlike anything I'd ever witnessed. More than once, fans wept seeing him." - ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi in the sports documentary Roger Federer: Everywhere is Home 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tennis Topic of the Day: Tennis' Player of the Decade

Friday, December 6, 2019

Tennis Topic of the Day: The Tennis Horseshoe

"What is the tennis horseshoe? If you measure an alley and one half width from inside the baseline and the sideline all around your opponent's court that is the horseshoe. Mark it and hit it consistently in practice and you will be a deadly competitor. But don't listen to me. I am a tennis nobody."    

*From Tennis from a Nobody by Eric Clayton (2017: 35 Pages)(Available in Kindle and Paperback Formats on Amazon.com

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Tennis Topic of the Day: Visual Discipline (Tracking the ball into the strings, obtaining visual feedback and making racket head adjustments)

*From 5.0 Tennis Secrets by Richard Hasse

"Aim for a small spot on the ball [the size of a coin]! [Spot target] Some players claim that you cannot use eyesight to see the ball when you hit it because it is moving too fast to focus on. They are half correct. Even though the ball and racket are moving too fast to get a detailed focused view of the impact you still need to observe each impact as it is taking place and notice as many details as possible about the impact. [Impact configuration] This skill has always and will always account for over half of any player’s success or failure on a tennis court. It is the most important skill in the game.

The exact open or closed face of the racket, the exact spot on the string bed where impact takes place, exactly how the racket moves during impact, and where the center of mass of the ball moves as impact is taking place are all important. Once you start noticing these things then you will build up a frame of reference .  . . use this feedback to perfect your game. Adjust your strokes to perfection. Keep in mind that you must adjust against every opponent, every day, every time you step on the court. Very quickly you will have world class placement. [Obtain and analyze feedback and adjust]"

*Selected brief excerpts and quotations are from 5.0 Tennis Secrets by Richard Hasse (in collaboration with Tennis Think Tank) (Independently published October 2017: 136 Pages)
Available on Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback formats.
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