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Friday, April 1, 2016

Tennis Interview of the Day: World-Class Coach Nick Saviano (Excerpts)

Nick Saviano, coach to world class players such as Genie Bouchard, recently answered questions about these tennis topics: 

1. Fundamental Attribute of Players of Top Talent
--Focused on executing and on how they perform, not outcome.
Outcome is a by-product.
2. Most Important Asset of Aspiring High Level Players
--Passion and love for the game. "That is your engine."
3. Most Common Shortcoming of Aspiring Players
--"Probably the biggest deficiency is tracking the ball and
watching it as it's coming to them, and keeping the head
relatively still during the shot."
4. Emulating Professional Player Idols
--Learn from the fundamentals of the professional player's game. The split step is an integral component of movement and anticipation. Maintain a low center of gravity. No extra superfluous movements in the upper body. Make contact with the ball out in front of the body.
5. Key Drill or Movement
--Move to hit the ball in exactly the right position every time -- exactly inside your "strike zone". Footwork has an objective -- to get the ball in your optimal hitting zone.

"An Interview with Nick Saviano", Tennis Magazine (March-April 2016), Page 74.