Sunday, March 3, 2024

Tennis Concept of the Day: What is Truly Essential in Tennis or Life?

What is truly essential in tennis or life is not technique, style, strategy, mentality, nutrition, fitness or even health. In the end, it’s Passion and Inspiration. That is what justifies existence and makes life worth living! 

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Ten Tennis Commandments- Coach Allistair McCaw

Courtesy: Coach Allistair McCaw 

Tennis Quote of the Day: “Tennis [like life] is a game of result.” - Bill Tilden

“Tennis is a game of result. Put back the ball in a match, even if you do it with no more effective weapon than the handle or frame of your racket . . . What is a great tennis player? And by that I mean a great match player? . . . [T]he one with the ability to "scramble" in the pinch . . .  the ability of a player to go out after the impossible shot and return it in the pinch, return it no matter how, but still return [it]." 

- Bill Tilden, the first great Superstar of Tennis, World No. 1, 10 Grand Slam Championships in the 1920s

From “Passing Shots”, American Lawn Tennis, March 15, 1924