Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tennis Word Focus *Pop Quiz*: What three words describe your "Best Tennis"? (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

What three words describe your “best tennis”? 

Of course, there is no one perfect answer for everyone. Here are five choices to think about. 
1. Flow, fluidity and fun
2. Confidence, control and calmness 
3. First-strike, footwork and feel
4. Prepared, practiced and patient
5. Free swinging, free moving and free thinking    

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Comprehensive Tennis "At-Home" Guide (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

Enjoy Powerful and Useful Resources to Sharpen and Improve Your Tennis Knowledge and Skills Now and Later

Courtesy: Sportageous.com

Monday, March 16, 2020

Sharpen Your Tennis at Home (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

These are extraordinary days that none of us have experienced in our lifetimes. The Coronavirus threat poses one of the greatest challenges in recent memory to sports and indeed our daily life. But President John F. Kennedy once said that "challenges are opportunities in disguise." In that spirit, we can find opportunities to further our tennis during this "gift of time" and pause in activity.

Here are some great ways to sharpen your tennis while at home: 

1. In-Home Practice: Footwork drills and patterns; split step; shadow swings with full follow thru focusing on perfect technique; balance improvement exercises. 

2. In-Home Fitness: Get fitter and stronger; improve conditioning; do home exercises; try simple body weight or light weight exercises; ride stationary bike; download      
at-home exercise apps. 

3. In-Home Tele-Learning: Watch tennis videos; listen to podcasts; read tennis books and articles; improve your tennis knowledge in technique, tactics and strategy; strengthen mental toughness and relaxation skills; get more information about improved nutrition, sleep and recovery. 

4. Stay Healthy and Safe: In the face of the virus threat, reduce risk with smart, focused and calm steps. Practice great personal hygiene and frequent hand washing; keep your social distance; and take care of loved ones. Take steps to boost your natural immunity through natural foods, and vitamins and supplements.

Smart preparation and making best use of this "gift of time" will pay big tennis dividends when it's time again - soon - to Play Ball!

Stay safe and healthy. And march forward!

Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown: ATP & WTA Suspend Tennis for Minimum 6 Weeks Due to Public Health Emergency

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Tennis Topic of the Day: Feel

Feel your body
Feel your hands
Feel the lines of the court
Feel the rotation of your core 
Feel the ball on the racket strings
Feel the weight of the racket head

Feel the free-ness of the racket swing
Feel your feet's movements on the ground
Feel the power from the Earth's ground up
Feel the energy around you from the Quantum and the Universe 

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Tennis Topic of the Day: Confidence

What is confidence? The word "confidence" is derived from the Latin word "fidere" which means "to trust." Supreme confidence must imply having ultimate trust or faith in oneself. Where does it come from? Confidence must come from a strong, positive, continuous self-image or self-esteem of yourself as a high-level tennis player. And that would need to come from focused and purposeful practice, self-visualization, training and preparation, successful match play, and an attitude of constant self-improvement.