Friday, January 24, 2020

Tennis Seminar: Mental Toughness Training by Dr. Richard Cohen

Bulletpoint Summary of Key Points
*Mental toughness is 85% of tennis play.
*First weapon of mental toughness is Visualization: mental rehearsal of strokes and matches 
which decreases anxiety and improves stroke production. 
*Second weapon of mental toughness is Concentration: a laser focus on "staying in the here and now", meaning the point at hand, the moment in time and the current place or location. 
*Third weapon of mental toughness is Acceptance of Responsibility. Accept who you are as a player. Don't compare yourself to others but simply to your own goals.
*Control your emotion and aggression. (Tennis is "controlled aggression".)
*An obstacle in tennis play (sun, wind, bad line call, etc.) is a challenge to overcome, not an excuse for failure or surrender. 

*Every shot in tennis is a chance to start a good habit or continue a bad habit.
*Breathing technique: 4 seconds inhale, 6 seconds exhale.
*Success requires goal-setting (identify where you are and where you are going). Goals can be performance goals (match play objectives) or technical goals (strokes and swings).
*Important non-tennis activities for best performance are good nutrition and off-court training. 

*The most important mental game of a match is: first game of second set. It allows either the first-set winner to "get on a roll", or the first-set loser to get back into the match. 
*An important mental framework in tennis play is: high number of adjustment steps to the ball, and longer ball contact with racket strings.
*A critical mental skill for Return of Serve is "happy feet". 

*The best mindset for court play is: Respect Everyone; Fear No One.
*The best philosophy is: "Tennis is a sport for a lifetime" of learning and experience. 

Dr. Richard Cohen, Psychiatrist and decorated player and coach
Mental Toughness Seminar

Healthplex Tennis
Springfield, PA USA
January 9, 2020

Seminar on (Apx. 58 minutes)

Sunday, January 5, 2020