Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fifth Year Anniversary of Timeless Tennis

Five years ago, I started my blog with a simple idea - to help show that tennis is timeless and reflects important life lessons.

Thank you for standing with me, and helping to prove this concept.

We tennis persons are indeed "the lucky people."


Friday, November 7, 2014

Tennis and the Science of Body Language

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy profers something profound about shaping self-character.

She declares that "Our bodies change our minds . . . and our minds change our behavior . . .  and our behavior changes our outcomes."

Thus, body language - that is, the way we each use and carry our body - can literally and ultimately change what we accomplish - and even transform who we are!

Cuddy suggests that we try "power posing" for at least two minutes before any consequential performance where we challenge ourselves such as job interviews or sports matches.

What's a "power pose"? Expanding and projecting with your body, arms, legs and face.

Think Superman or Wonder Woman pose.

And what if you still can't muster yourself up? 

Cuddy's solution. "Fake it, 'till you become it."

Can this thinking work in tennis?

Coach Brian Hall of thinks so.

Remember that 80% of a tennis match is BETWEEN POINTS!

Hall proposes five (5) simple body language techniques for any player level to build confidence, project power and ultimately even alter your self-image.

1. Eye contact - show a fearless look
2. Stay level headed - "Keep Ya Head Up" as the late Tupac Shakur said
3. Smile - Relax your face and release stress
4. Walk the walk - Move precisely and crisply on court
5. Professional posture - Shoulders back and body upright, and no slouching

In short, become what your body projects.

Credit: Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy
& Tennis Coach Brian Hall

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tennis Quote of the Day: Mind Controls Body

-- Craig Townsend, Tennis Coach and Clinical Hypnotist,