Sunday, May 24, 2020

Relaxation and Tennis: 6 Techniques to Improve Relaxation (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

*From ("Relaxation Techniques for Your Life"

Relaxation is an art and science. 

And it's vital for success, stress management and happy living.

Relaxation is a learned activity through practice and techniques. 

Six (6) Techniques to Improve Relaxation
1. Quick Cool Down Through Breathing: Two types.
A. Slow, Deep Diaphragm Breathing. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.
B. Mouth-to-Nose Breathing. Inhale by breathing in through the mouth, cool your tongue, then exhale through the nose. 

2. Stand Tall - Good Posture
3. Watch Your Caffeine - Limit Your Intake
4. Consider Accupressure - Proven way to instantly relax
5. Take a Song and Humor Break - Listen to music and humor, smile and laugh

6. Fine-Tune Your Mind Set - Re-set by re-committing to your values and lifestyle 

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