Monday, May 25, 2020

Self-Belief and Tennis: 10 Ways to Build Your Self-Belief (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown)

*From ("The Power of Believing in Yourself")

Self-Belief is about believing in your own abilities, skills and passion. And it leads to self-confidence. 

It's essential for taking massive action to reach your goals. 

And to learn from past mistakes and grow. 

Ten (10) Ways to Build Self-Belief: 
1. Realize It All Starts with You - Try "Priming" (Starting off the day with positive, re-enforcing routines)
2. Re-Examine Your Limiting Beliefs
3. Learn to Respect Yourself - and maintain a positive self-image of yourself
4. Use the Law of Attraction  - to get closer to inspiring people
5. Get Inspired - by others, quotes, stories, books, videos, documentaries

6. Remember Your Past Successes
7. Face Your Fears
8. Create Goals which are A. Attainable and B. Aspirational: and Take Action
9. Learn or Discover a New Skill or Ability

10. Keep Going - There is no finish line for learning and growth.  

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