Thursday, November 19, 2009

Roger Federer is Superman

I know that there many unabashed Roger Federer fans here and elsewhere, and I consider myself one of them.

Although I am a fan of tennis history, in my opinion, we are living in the age of the greatest tennis player ever. If you have not seen Federer play in person, you might want to make an effort at it before time and age eventually call for him to retire.

I have spent time reading about and watching videos of the most of the greats and champions of the past. But to quote Tracy Austin, "I have never seen a player quite like him" . . . the graceful, effortless court movement like floating on air, the unsurpassed balance and footwork, the supreme command of the racket head sweet spot, the brutal variety of weaponry, and the mental game of steel.

In the words of Agassi, "Federer only has strengths and unbelievable strengths and when you play him, all you can do is avoid his unbelievable strengths and try and make him beat you with his regular strengths."

And he's an honorable guy too, and a great ambassador for our sport.


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