Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More People are Playing Tennis . . .

Playing tennis is becoming more popular lately
AP, through the Washington Post, reports that in a USTA survey released yesterday, more Americans - and more minorities - are now playing tennis, about 30.1 million. That is 12% up from last year 2008, and 25% up from 6 years ago, which is all good news.

Washington Post Article

Some caution though might be warranted. It is generally reported that in the hey-day of Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert in the 70s and early 80s, the popularity of tennis peaked, with over 30 million people playing at that time.

In other words, we are probably getting back to the high raw numbers of players of that time, but now there is probably a greater variety of people playing.

Happy tennis!


"It is the fairness in the game that appeals to the American, and it is for this reason that becoming the most popular of games." Bill Tilden, Tennis for the Junior Player, 1930.

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