Friday, November 20, 2009

GOAT: Who's the greatest player of all time?

I. The Eternal Tennis Question
On this perennial question at the Sunday tea party, I read an article from Tennis Week Magazine, "Statistical Analysis of the Greatest Players", Nov. 2007 I thought was very interesting.

Statistical analysis of the greatest players of all time.

II. The Criteria
1. Career won-loss percentage
2. Best won-loss percentage for a five-year period
3. Career tournament titles
4. Tournament titles won in a best five-year period
5. Career percentage of tournaments won
6. Percentage of tournaments won in a best five-year period
7. Career Grand Slam titles
8. Slams won in a best five-year period
9. Career Grand Slam winning percentage
10. Percentage of Grand Slams won in a best five-year period

III. The Final Conclusion
1. Rod Laver
2. Bjorn Borg and Bill Tilden (tie)
3. Roger Federer
4. Pancho Gonzalez
5. Ken Rosewall
6. Don Budge
7. Ivan Lendl
8. Jimmy Connors
9. Pete Sampras
10. John McEnroe
11. Jack Kramer

12. Ellsworth Vines
13. Fred Perry.

Best, Gary

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