Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Pilates and Tennis (Tennis and the Coronavirus Lockdown: Knowledge from Home)

Pilates is a physical fitness exercise system developed in the early 20th century by German physio-trainer Joseph Pilates. It's methodology is called "Contrology", and aims to elevate optimum health by improving the human mind and body. Pilates seeks to strengthen the core or "powerhouse", enhance lower-body stability, and improve overall flexibility through controlled movements. 

Qualities of Pilates applicable to tennis include
*Core strength and stability
*Balance and coordination
*Flow, alignment and centering
*Breathing and relaxation 

For more reading on Pilates
3. The Effect of Pilates Reformer Exercises to Tennis Skills on Tennis Players (Study by Mine Gul, Kocaeli University, Turkey on 14 Elite Female Tennis Players Age 16 to 18 Finding Positive Effect on Ability to Reach Ball and Recover for Next Shot - July 2019) 

Watch Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash Demonstrate PilatesCourtesy: Firefly Entertainment

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