Friday, April 30, 2010

DVD Review: "The Perfect 'Classic' Tennis Player", by Coach & Player Brent Abel

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In this fascinating DVD, Coach & Player Brent Abel reviews in detail individual strokes of six all-time classic players in history, taken from the 1997 Video Kings of the Court co-produced by the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Don Budge - Backhand
Pancho Gonzales - 3 strokes:
Forehand Approach, Forehand Open Stances, Forehand Volley
Jack Kramer - Forehand
Rod Laver - Topspin Backhand
Bobby Riggs - Forehand
Ellsworth Vines - Overhead, Serve

Abel advocates the all-court style of play for most players at all levels. And he uses vintage video clips of "classic" players in history to identify key stroke aspects, which the tennis viewer can try and model in his or her own game.

Naturally, none of us can duplicate the legendary strokes of all-time great players. Yet Abel does a very nice job of spotting critical elements of the effectiveness of each stroke. And no doubt that all of us can learn from these components in improving each of our own games.

"The Perfect 'Classic' Tennis Player" is an insightful breakdown of the shots of some top players in history, which players at all levels will probably find instructive and helpful.

Best, Gary

Example: Coach Brent Abel's Analysis of an All-Time Classic Player's Stroke: Rod Laver's Topspin Backhand

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