Monday, January 11, 2016

Tennis Topic of the Day: Learning from Angelique Kerber

"The German's unorthodox, athletic game has worked wonders for her career and its foundation can help you improve as well."
-- Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine

1. Do It Your Way - Kerber plays what some call "kitchen-sink tennis". Get the ball back anyway you can, and don't worry about how it looks.
2. If You Can't Hit Your Serve with Pace, Think Spin and Location - Kerber has a rolling lefty spin serve which bends away from her opponents. Serving with spin and location can offer advantages to offset lack of pace.
3. Get Low - Kerber shows the benefits of Tennis 101's admonition to "get low", even at the highest levels of the game. Her game showcases intensity, athleticism and power from her legs.
4. Don't Play Sarcastic Tennis - Here, Kerber shows what not to do. Kerber sometimes seems to "throw in the towel" and just swing furiously when things aren't going her way - what some call "sarcastic tennis." But this is not a reflective strategy you would want to emulate.
5. Work on Your Strengths - Good players have a signature shot - one that usually works out great for them. For Kerber, that shot is her down-the-line forehand. Find a shot that feels perfectly right for you and make it your own.

Excerpts from:
"Learning from . . . Angelique Kerber", Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine (Jan.-Feb. 2016), Page 55. 

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