Friday, January 8, 2016

Tennis Topic of the Day: Learning from David Ferrer

"The tour's Energizer Bunny doesn't make it look easy, but every recreational player can take a lesson (or five) from his game."
-- Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine

1. Embrace Imperfection - If he loses a few points or even a set, it doesn't demoralize him.
2. Make Limitations Work for You - The 5' 9" Spaniard's [style] is to "get the most out of what you have."
3. Always Let Them See You Sweat - Ferrer is a "player staring back and bouncing relentlessly on his toes."
4. Round Out Your Game - Ferrer appears to be a one-dimensional player. Not so fast - he's actually got many shots which he developed.
5. Love What You're Doing - Ferrer has learned to love the grind.

Excerpts from:
"Learning from . . . David Ferrer", Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine (Jan. - Feb. 2016), Page 27.

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