Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tennis Topic of the Day: Learning from Kei Nishikori

"The native of Japan has proven to be the best of the ATP's next generation so far; here's what you can learn from his slow but steady rise."
-- Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine

1. Smooth Out the Rough Edges - Nishikori's is a "precise-yet-fluid technique, the kind that doesn't break down under pressure."
2. Make Yourself a Two-Way Player - Like most top players, Nishikori can "attack and defend equally well from both sides." Opponents know that the backhand is "as solid, and lethal" as the forehand.
3. Take the Ball at the Top of the Bounce - Nishikori has learned to move up and 
"take the ball earlier, at the top of the ball's bounce, whenever he can," thus taking time away from his opponent without undue risk. 
4.  Don't Let a Few Bad Games Spell Defeat - Nishikori has the best record in final sets among active players. This shows that he stays calm, takes his time, and doesn't let negative momentum affect his game.
5. Remember that It's Never Too Late to Get Tough - More ambition and getting tough can mean better results. 

Excerpts from:
"Learning from . . . Kei Nishikori", Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine (Jan.-Feb. 2016), Page 29.

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