Friday, January 6, 2012

Tennis Tip for 2012: Wanna Get Smarter - Faster - for Tennis (or anything else)?

Newsweek Magazine suggests these 31 ways:

1. Play word games
2. Eat turmeric
3. Take up an activity which raises heart-rate and improves body coordination (dance, squash, you name it)
4. Become more open-minded by following news from alternate sources such as Al Jazeera (English)
5. Give your smartphone a rest
6. Sleep. A Lot.
7. Download the TED App. (Great Minds speak)
8. Go to book festivals
9. Build your memory bank with images
10. Learn a language
11. Eat dark chocolate
12. Join a knitting circle
13. Be more questioning and skeptical
14. Play a videogame to manage stress and improve multi-tasking
15. Follow smart and interesting people on Twitter
16. Eat yogurt
17. Install SuperMemo program
18. See a Shakespeare play
19. Refine your thinking
20. Hydrate
21. Check out iTunes U for college lectures
22. Visit a museum
23. Play an instrument
24. Write by hand
25. Use time-management techniques
26. "Zone out" - give yourself free time to let your mind wander
27. Drink coffee
28. Delay gratification and develop patience
29. Become an expert at something, especially if it requires pattern recognition such as chess
30. Write online reviews
31. Get out of town and in touch with nature

Source: Newsweek Magazine: 31 Ways to Get Smarter - Faster (Dec. 11, 2011)


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