Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tennis Topic of the Day: What is tennis about?

1. Swinging freely and having fun
2. Focusing on the next point
3. Answering emergencies
4. Solving problems
5. Believing in yourself
6. Projecting confidence
7. Playing the script and acting the part
8. Executing a forward-movement game
9. Cutting off angles constantly
10. Stepping up and leaning into each shot
11. Going for your shots
12. Dictating the point
13. Hitting shots with intentionality
14. Powering yourself from the ground up
15. Playing with your feet, legs and lower body
16. Crisp footwork and early racket preparation
17. A quiet head and soft hands
18. Quick, explosive movements
19. Keeping your eyes on the ball all the way
20. Hitting through and a full finish 

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