Monday, June 15, 2015

Tennis Quote of the Day: Courage

"Tennis is far more than a test of strokes, strategy and athleticism. It is also a test of character. You are out there by yourself, and nobody is going to save you if you falter. You must have the courage to absorb whatever mental punishment the game inflicts without flinching . . . courageous players accept their failures without wincing, whining or feeling sorry for themselves. They are prepared to make rational adjustments as needed and move on with a positive attitude. They realize that choking is just part of the game. Like the pros, you must accept it quickly, without drama, and keep chugging along."

Allen Fox, Ph.D., Author, Coach and former Wimbledon Quarterfinalist, from "The Meaning of Courage", Tennis Magazine (July-August 2015), p. 76. 

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