Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tennis Quote of the Day: Reducing Debilitating Stress with a New Perspective

"Tennis is a just a game you are playing for fun. It is not your life, nor is it likely to be anything more than just a game. If you happen to get more out of it (like trophies, scholarships, notoriety, pro contracts), it will simply be gravy. . . Your tennis game is merely a project that you work on diligently, like any other project, to see how good you can get. It is like building a model airplane. Your objective is to build as good a plane as you can, but it is nothing more. Naturally, you would like to play well and beat everybody all the time. and you can keep working toward this end. But the process itself should ultimately be satisfying. If you don't enjoy it, quit. You can get in shape by running on a treadmill. The stress comes from making tennis more important that it really is."

-Allen Fox, Ph.D. (Psychology), former world-class player, coach, and author of mental tennis books.

From: Tennis: Winning the Mental Match
, (Kearney, NE: Morris Publishing, 2010), Chapter 4, Pages 35-36.

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