Sunday, August 14, 2011

Online Course Review - "Match Tough: Practice Great and Play Even Better!"

"Why is my tennis game far better in practice than in competition?"

Match Tough is an online Audio Course, consisting of 4 modules with Study Guide, Bonuses and Videos which attempts to answer this question and raise a player's game in competition.

Online audio and video tennis courses such as Match Tough have increasing become common on the Internet, allowing large numbers of players worldwide to benefit electronically on their own pace and time.

Match Tough is offered by David Breslow, a Peak Performance coach for 25 years, former Director of Mental Toughness at the National Tennis Center in NY, and author of the book on successful golf, Wired to Win. Mr. Breslow runs The Personal Best Academy, and can be found at:

In Match Tough, Breslow takes a non-traditional approach to the "mental game" in tennis, a phrase he does not especially like, preferring a term such as "peak peformance". Breslow suggests that the "mental game" is not a part or piece of a player's game but literally "is your game".

He eschews tennis "tips" as short-term quick fixes, and avoids usual admonishments about confidence and staying positive, which he says are obvious. He disdains vague "mental" theories or concepts.

Rather, Breslow's bold insight is that a player's "mental game" is really about 4 essential parts
working together: mind, body, emotion and spirit (by which he means a person's core essence). To change or improve performance, a player must literally change who he or she is.

Breslow offers a practical and simple methodology to help a player do so. He draws on what he
calls "laws of human performance", which he says are as undeniable, provable and unalterable as the laws of physics.

And he offers a way for players to "re-start" or re-boot themselves, and encourages them
to focus on what they can control on court. In this way, a player's long-term confidence and self-belief is elevated, and wisely not connected to things such as results or the score which always fluctuate.

Match Tough is a unique exploration into how a player's thoughts and choices help drive who he or she is, and thus molds what his or her performance level is - and ultimately can be.


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