Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tennis and "The Art of Seeing"

Every shot in tennis is about moving your body with racket in hand while a ball is moving towards you. Thus, the key visual skill is depth perception.

How can we improve our depth perception?

In 1942, British author Aldous Huxley wrote a book called The Art of Seeing.

(Most people will remember Huxley for his more famous book Brave New World.)

What most people might not know about Huxley is that he suffered a severe childhood illness that left him nearly blind.

In The Art of Seeing, Huxley documents his journey to overcome his near-blindness with a program of simple eye exercises known as the Bates Method.

These exercises focus on improving the human eye's depth perception.

Though this system is sometimes controversial with some eye doctors, Huxley credited the Bates Method with saving the quality of his eyesight.

Watch and consider this short video describing some of these exercises, and the potential impact on one's tennis game.


Video: Eye Exercises to Improve Your Tennis Game
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