Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is Jimmy Connors the greatest tennis player of all time?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the scientific journal PLoS One published a research study ranking tennis players on a measure different than the usual "most weeks at No.1" or "most Grand Slam championships" - a measure called "prestige scoring."

By 'Prestige Score,' Connors is Tops, Wall Street Journal, February 28, 2011

Based on this study's "prestige scoring" ranking, Northwestern University statistical researcher Filippo Radicchi argued that Jimmy Connors might be considered the "greatest tennis player of all time".

What is "prestige scoring"?

It refers to victories by a player over "quality opponents", as opposed to any win against any opponent. "What's really important is not to win many matches, but to win matches against other good players," explained Radicchi.

Radicchi reviewed and evaluated all matches in the Open Era from 1968 to 2010. He developed an algorithm and applied it to his tennis database. He ranked players based on "quality wins".

And he concluded that Connors enjoyed 178 quality match victories over his career - more than anyone else, and thus achieved 95.4 on his "prestige score". Ivan Lendl came in second with 134 quality wins, and John McEnroe was third with 129 quality wins.

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  1. The word "greatest" is a word open to limitless interpretation. I would say that Connors was one of the most relentless competitors the sport has ever seen. Both his talent and antics on the court were a critical and welcome addition that helped bring tennis into the spotlight.