Sunday, February 20, 2011

GQ Magazine's "25 Coolest Athletes of All Time"

GQ Magazine's Feb. 2011 Edition is out.

And this month, they list their "25 Coolest Athletes of All Time" (in no special order).

For GQ, "cool" means "grace", "style", "swagger", "guys you know by just one name", and just plain wow.

Any tennis players on the list?

You bet.

Bjorn Borg
"Borg is beautiful." He is "seamless." Resistance is futile. He's not brash or loud like Connors or McEnroe. Nor is he boring or robotic like Lendl. He's "as inscrutable and noble as a statue." Said Arthur Ashe once, "Borg is larger than the game. . . like Elvis."

Arthur Ashe
Ashe is "graceful, refined." But on court, he had a "killer streak." Ashe is "one of many great American tennis players, but the only one to have America's greatest tennis court named after him."


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