Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Commit - and You Will Outhit!

Take a close-up look at Andy Murray playing indoors at Paris-Bercy 2009 for an quick example of top level play....What do we see?

If you commit, you will outhit!

Before walking onto the court:

*Commit to a deliberate and complete "split-step", what some coaches better call a "hop-and-go". Murray makes a committed and deliberate hop-and-go before every single opposing shot coming at him.

*Commit to a full follow through on every swing of the racket. Watch how Murray never fails to follow through. In other words, finish what you start - for maximum swing power and spin on your shot.

*Commit to moving forward and cutting off angles. Murray moves his body weight into each and every shot, whenever possible. For example, in his case he likes to stand well back behind the baseline on service returns to allow him to do this.

*Commit to staring at (not simply watching) the ball and the point of impact, so that your head keeps still through the shot. Murray looks like he is hypnotized by the ball.

Best, Gary

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