Saturday, January 27, 2024

Tennis Quote of the Day: “Tennis [like life] is a game of result.” - Bill Tilden

“Tennis is a game of result. Put back the ball in a match, even if you do it with no more effective weapon than the handle or frame of your racket . . . What is a great tennis player? And by that I mean a great match player? . . . [T]he one with the ability to "scramble" in the pinch . . .  the ability of a player to go out after the impossible shot and return it in the pinch, return it no matter how, but still return [it]." 

- Bill Tilden, the first great Superstar of Tennis, World No. 1, 10 Grand Slam Championships in the 1920s

From “Passing Shots”, American Lawn Tennis, March 15, 1924  

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