Sunday, January 2, 2022

New Year 2022: Make a Commitment to a Better Self-Image

Commitment to a Better Self-Image

The thing about New Year's resolutions and lists of improvement goals is this.

Almost nobody can keep them long.

Did you know that in the real world 98% of folks will break their New Year resolutions by February?!

We are all only human. And life has a way of interrupting.

Far better, it might be, to simply to focus on one thing. And try and stick with it.

So what could that be?

Well, we know that we humans almost continuously live up (or live down) to our own self-image.

If we make a commitment to a better self-image about something - anything -, our actions and result should follow naturally, it is said. 

Try to visualize and imprint onto your mindset, a better image of yourself about ONE thing.

Are you a late riser? Commit to an image of yourself getting up earlier. Are you a baseliner? Commit to a better image of yourself coming to net to volley. You get the idea.

Actions and results should follow naturally - and probably last longer.

Good luck, and all the best!

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