Monday, January 30, 2017

Tennis Topic of the Day: Learning from Milos Raonic

"The Canadian has more to teach us than just how to hit aces." 
-- Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine

1. Don't Be Afraid to Aim High - Raonic always believed he could crack the very top. "As a tennis player, you're only going to become as good as you believe you can be."
2. Have a Plan - Raonic was always well-organized and conscientious, at times using two coaches and a trainer and even a specific consultant such as John McEnroe for particular aspects of his game. You too can set a plan with goals, work to get there and always believe that you can make any weakness at least a little better.
3. Learn to Volley (or improve on another shot that might not be natural) - Raonic always had a massive serve, but could not back it up very well with an easy volley.  Raonic worked and succeeded at improving his volley, thereby proving that you can still learn and gain from a shot which does not come natural for you.
4. Think Long-Term - Raonic always presents himself as a player steadily and methodically rising - and you can too. "[W]ins and losses, ups and downs, surges and setbacks - they are all to be expected, and they can all be part of your master plan."

Excerpts from:
"Learning from . . . Milos Raonic", Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine (Jan.-Feb. 2017), Page 17. 

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