Friday, September 2, 2016

Tennis Topic of the Day: Dominance

"What is meant by dominance? It is the feeling that inferior players get when they face better players; [they] miss shots that they would have made against other players. How does one establish this dominance? Start by recognizing that all of your actions have an effect on your opponent's mental state. Human beings are a social species, and we instinctively react emotionally to the way other people treat us. If you show that you fear someone, they feel strong; if you ignore someone and dismiss their efforts, they feel weak. So if you appear tough, confident and resolute, your opponent will tend to feel ineffective. If your opponent hits a great shot, don't react. Simply walk back into position as you always do: head up, steady stride and looking like you know exactly like you know what you are doing. This is a dominant attitude. If you make an error, no matter how egregious, act as if you're unfazed. Just go about your business and ready yourself to play the next point. . . Acting in dominant ways imposes your will and force of personality on your opponent."

-- Allen Fox, Ph.D.,  Psychologist, Author, Wimbledon Quarterfinalist, from The Most Dominant You, Tennis Magazine, Page 74 (Sept.-Oct. 2016) 

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