Friday, November 2, 2012

The Evolution of the Modern Forehand - A Tennis Odyssey from Borg to Lendl to Federer

Image: OptimumTennis

Video: Borg Lendl Federer - Forehand's Evolution
By: matteodinenno 
Time: 02:55


  1. This really shows how radically different the Borg forehand was during his reign. His whiplash motion and open stance may have had more of a significant impact on tennis than any tournament won or record he ever achieved. Imagine if he had the use of a modern composite racquet and better strings back in the day.

  2. Just clicked through to this video from a link in one of my Grade 11 PE assessments on the role of teachnology and biomechanics in the evolution in sport. He was discussing the changes in technique in tennis. Thankyou for providing him with this. A great video.