Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tennis Quote: Wanna Have Better Tennis Concentration? Get Back to Nature . . .

"Philosophers, writers and laypeople alike have long suspected that interacting with nature can have a positive effect on our ability to operate at our best. Recently, scientists have confirmed these ideas.

Taking a three-mile hike through a tree-lined arboretum enhances people's concentration skills . . . Even spending 10 minutes (yes just 10 minutes) looking through pictures of natural scenes lead to improved focus and concentration . . .

Why might being in nature (or simply viewing it) alter brain power?

Williams James, one of the
founders of modern-day psychology . . . made a distinction between two types of attention . . . involuntary attention . . . and voluntary or directed . . . attention . . . which is at the heart of our ability to concentrate.

When you're in nature, your surroundings (whether it's a bird chirping or a beautiful sunrise)
modestly grabs your involuntary attention, which gives your directed attention time to rest and replenish.

The ability to stay focused in an important match - to concentrate on what you need to do
to outsmart your opponent on the court - is just as important as the physical skills your bring to the court . . . nature seems to rejuvenate the very brain processes [directed attention] that are so important for success."

"Walk in the Woods",
Sian Beilock, Ph.D.

Psychology Professor

Tennis Magazine

May 2012, Page 46.

Video: Nature, Music and Relaxation
By: Scenic Videos

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