Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tennis Quote of the Day: On the Resurgence of Touch and Finesse in Tennis

"When the modern racquets and strings took hold in the pro game, there became one prevailing game of play: Grip it and rip it. Power greatly increased, but at the cost of creativity. The repetitive baseline bashing left many fans mourning the loss of variety and artistry. Lately, however, touch and finesse have been making a comeback . . . amplifying the quality of shot-making . . . [with] such players such as Roger Federer and Andy Murray [who] manipulate the ball with delicate drop shots, wicked slices, heavy topspin, short angles and flat rockets."

-Chris Evert, 18 time Grand Slam Champion
"Chrissie's View: Game Changers", Tennis Magazine,
March 2012, Page 4.

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