Friday, November 12, 2010

"Choose to be a Great Tennis Player" Video

"Your inner beliefs and notions about tennis, create, govern and become everything you do on the court." Dale LePrevost, "Choose to be a Great Tennis Player" is a tennis lesson video by Dale LePrevost. It's about self-confidence and our own beliefs about ourselves. The tennis player that we become may well be the one we think we can and will be. Naturally, there are many aspects of top-level tennis such as technique, strategy, practice, fitness and even raw talent and more. Yet the notion that the architecture and content of our own thoughts help determine our highest tennis performance is intriguing indeed. It may behoove us to watch and consider the challenging ideas in this interesting and "outside-the-box" video. Best, Gary

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  1. I can't help comparing this to THE MUSIC MAN and his "think" system. While there is little doubt that believing in failure will lead you there, believing in success is just one part of an extensive process of practice, commitment, and audio/visual learning. The real key is to not let others determine your level of success since, in your mind, you can be as successful as you wish.