Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tennis Topic of the Day: Learning from Simona Halep

"You don't need great height or brute strength to succeed in tennis, as the game's smoothest new star has shown."
-- Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine

1. Size Doesn't Have to Matter on the Serve -At 5' 6", Halep is the shortest woman in the Top 5, but she never has settled for the lollipop delivery . . . she goes after the ball and makes her serve a weapon  - loose arm, simple motion, forward momentum.
2. Yes, You Can Go Down the Line - Few players looks as free when they play as Halep. She changes direction and shows no fear . . .
3. Start With a Solid Foundation - The common denominator to all of Halep's groundstrokes is her seemingly effortless balance. . . Halep lets her feet do the work.
4. Winning Breeds . . . Winning - Halep made winning a habit.
5. When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Slow Down - Halep in this instance shows us not to do. Don't rush, but slow things down.

Excerpts from:
"Learning from . . . Simona Halep", Steve Tignor, Tennis Magazine (Jan.-Feb. 2016), Page 41. 

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